Who are we

SISTEMACRAF, LDA founded in 2008 at the north of Portugal, more precisely in the parish of Caíde de Rei, county of Lousada, with the purpose of innovating aluminium works frames in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Angolan and Mozambican market.




We have a team of specialized technicians who follow the entire production process with the maximum care from the choice of the best materials, all through design, manufacturing, production control, delivery and final placement on site.

The level of quality reflected in our construction is due to the technological evolution of the company, products and services accompanied by the continuous training of all employees and the constant concern in total satisfaction of the needs of our customers are values that define our attitude and corporate culture.



In these 10 years, Sistemacraf already has a national solid position and abroad, specifically in Spain, France, Angola and Mozambique.

All this guaranteeing the highest quality, the fulfilment of defined deadlines and the best monitoring and after sales assistance.


In an increasingly competitive global market, SISTEMACRAF seeks to combine its know-how and experience knowledge over the years with the most advanced technological processes, allowing the creation of unique pieces with perfect finishes.


To be a company of reference, nationally and internationally, in the construction sector for the high quality and wide choice of its products.


The company intends to work consistently so it can be positioned to continue to be recognized in the market for the quality of its products.

Social Responsibility

Sistemacraf is particularly sensitive to people's well-being, with priority being given to the safety and hygiene of its facilities to protect its employees and visitors. Also, in the context of environmental protection there is great sensitivity to the need to maintain responsible principles of action that lead to resource savings and sustainability.


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